NCFE Level 2: Class Notes – week 1 & 2

RAMBLING, RANDOM NOTES TO HELP ME REMEMBER STUFF Classes 1 and 2 were a mixture of revisiting Level 1 STUFF to remind ourselves of what we'd already learned (and already started to forget) along with some new, techy STUFF that is still warping my mind. So don't expect any flow to any of this. It's... Continue Reading →

Postcode Gallery Number 1 – Park Life

Learning objectives: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; So, I started off taking pictures up in Sheen Common and Richmond Park, as that's where the hound and I spend a part of most days. Dog-owners; dog-walkers; the dogs themselves: the canine world is not short of colourful characters and I figure that, over the next few months, I... Continue Reading →

NCFE Level 2 – Week 1: The Postcode Project

NCFE Level 1 was all about the basics. Now we've got to try to master them. By the end of the three terms, I'd love to instinctively know how, say, certain lens/aperture combos will work together. But, frankly, I will be truly chuffed if, having pictured the shot that I'm after, I get even halfway... Continue Reading →

Depth of Field revisited…

While I've understood that a low aperture number = shallow depth of field - and vice versa - what I have been failing to get my head around is why that's the case. (I am not technically minded, it has to be said). It didn't make any sense to me that, if the lens was... Continue Reading →

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