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So, this may well be my last post as a RACC Photography Student. Our NCFE Level 2 course ends tomorrow and, by the sound of things, most of the class won’t be signing up for Level 3.  I think we would all like to, but it’s a lot more expensive than Level 2 (which, unlike Level 3, is partly funded), and the time commitment is something that many of us are concerned about.

Part of me would love to crack on with another year: I’ve hugely enjoyed this learning journey. Not just the classes, but how it’s inspired me to explore the medium further. While the course/blogging etc has taken a lot more time than I’d initially realised, it’s forced me out of my comfort zone and made me look at the world in a very different way. (Who knew an old work table could become such an obsession?) Also, I’ve met some lovely people that I would never have otherwise met and made some good friends.

Saying goodbye to that – if I do – will be hard but part of me is concerned, though, that I need to devote more time to getting my working life back in order. I suspect I will make a call right at the last minute (presuming there is still space left) just as I did last September. I don’t regret that decision for a minute – so maybe I should just go for it again? While I now have half a clue what I am doing, I’m still nowhere near instinctive in my approach and I do worry that, without a regular deadline to work to, I’ll stop taking weird photos of things that intrigue me and experimenting and just go back to holiday snaps… Albeit better holiday snaps than before.

Talking of experimenting, I managed to get off some more ICM attempts a few days ago. This was a wooded hillside, just outside of Bath. I loved how the blinding sunshine was filtering through the canopy – so I used a vertical, handheld tilt, to build on that. I had brought an ND filter with me – but then realised I didn’t have the right stepup ring for the lens I had with me, which was annoying as it meant that I couldn’t do as much landscape work as I would have liked to.

I haven’t had time to play about with numerous edits as I need these back from the printers by Wednesday. That’s when I have to make the judgement call as to which shots I will be submitting for this term’s project.

Which, come to think of it, probably means that this won’t be my last post after all.




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