Week 4: How To Prepare Photo’s For Printing – I Think.

PRINTING PHOTOGRAPHS Hands up, this is a dry post that's all tech with little action. It may not even be correct. Other notes are available. So you've finally taken a pic that you want to show off? Before you start booking space on the side of that bus, you need to assess the quality of the... Continue Reading →

How Colour Photography Works… and, yes, it’s as clear as black and white.

Remember back in junior school art where you learned the primary colours are red, blue and yellow? Yeah, well, scrap that, rewind and prepare to have your mind well and truly blown. For where light is concerned, the three primary colours are red, blue and... drumroll, please... GREEN, with secondary colours of yellow, magenta and... Continue Reading →


A work in progress; this is where I'll be whacking sources of inspiration (a bit like that red barn in Canada or Richmond Park on a winter's morning) that I come across throughout the next year. CANON EOS 5D MARK IV Behold, my latest obsession: the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. So out of my price... Continue Reading →


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