So, along with a fair few of my Richmond Adult College cohort, I didn’t sign up to the 3rd year course. Too much money at a time when I have neither that or the time to commit, unfortunately. The upside is I have more time to focus on work — or, at least, trying to get more work. The downside is I don’t take anywhere near as many photo’s as I would like to. And, thanks to the dog needing some extra-special training to deal with her extra-special neurosis, I rarely take my camera out into the park these days. Not enough hands to deal with everything and can’t take my eye off the pooch for too long.

But, it struck me this morning, that there is nothing to stop me whacking up the few photos I do take (and like) up here. If I am paying for this site I might as well use it.

So, here, for your delight, are a handful of shots – some Canon some iPhone – that I’ve yet to delete. More to come.

I’m off to the zoo next week for a proper photography outing with some of my college chums. It will be good to just spend the entire day catching up and taking photographs.

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