Still Life Inertia

Unit 5 1.2

We start working on our still life project tomorrow and I still haven’t settled on which of the three objects I’ve been given – hat; boots or apple(s) – to whack in front of the lens. magritteI did think about trying to do something along the lines of Magritte – but I haven’t managed to get my hands on a free bowler hat (and couldn’t face buying one for £25). The only thing I have in abundance is apples – and then only if I go to the supermarket. I do have a cowboy hat (thanks to the 2017 Calgary Stampede) and some leather boots that could work as stunt doubles for (not very good) cowboy boots. Aside from that, I’ve got a couple of beanies; a cycling helmet and a riding hat – which don’t exactly jump up to be snapped.So maybe I’ll have to go all out Western for this; chuck in a checked shirt or two, even? I’ve had a browse on the net and seen some shots that have given me an idea for the lighting effect I would go for: think golden-hour on a long, lazy summer’s evening… in a barn. A very dark barn.


I think it safe to say that I’m not feeling this project yet. Hopefully, once I get started, the OCD control-freak in me will take over and I’ll become fixated on the fine details. A cowboy hat also lends itself well to the later set-up with the model. This is a cute shot. I am sure Anna would be up for it! Possibly. If I pay her.


God forbid I end up having to do a self-portrait, or it may end up looking more like this…


(I’m still not sure if the shot is out of focus or my sisters and I were out of focus. It was the end of a very long, downright surreal day… )

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