Bit of a shocker, as wasn’t prepared for it, but fired off the first attempts at the “Product + Model” shots for this term’s project, in class last night. Poor Anna got to be my victim for half an hour or so.

Once again, I made the mistake of focusing purely on one aspect – taking a photo – and I didn’t do much to change the lighting at all, versus turning the power up and down a bit. I should have done. It’s neither one thing or the other – not so sharp and bright that it pops, nor sultry enough to be smoking.

I’ve done a fair bit of editing on the shots below. Highlights, skin tone and shine (lighting!) were an issue, as were stray hairs. I have to remember to bring face powder and GHDs to the next modelling session. Or put Anna in plaits.

I also have to remember to never use a filthy backdrop: I’ve done my best to spot remove the marks that were on it that still showed up in the shots, but there’s a footprint in there somewhere. See if you can spot it. (Dunno if this was some secret test that Zig set that we all failed, but next time I’ll be demanding a clean bit of paper.)

The images are ok. Until you realise that I was aiming for something a bit more like this…pexels-photo-413727.jpeg

So the composition is out and so is the lighting. Ok, so the hat is going to present more issues than I figured because the brim comes down low, but I need something like soft backlight coming in from the right, and soft loop or butterfly coming in from front left. I think?

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