Week 6 – Editing

Not much to report this week. We focused on editing during the class; using Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. I have more to add on this, but no time as it’s been a busy week and I need to whack some photos up here for class which starts in 50 minutes…

I didn’t take that many photos this week as we were away and much of what I shot was on the iPhone. Here are a few of the ones that I took on the SLR. Some are still to be edited. All very rough and ready – not done on Adobe yet, still haven’t downloaded it all, so rough edits on Mac Photos – but need something to show tonight. Haven’t got time to check any of this, so excuse any complete muck ups.

The view from our bedroom at Dorset House B&B in Lyme Regis (highly recommend – it’s lush). I wanted to play around with the focus and also the editing stage, hence the black and white,

Wallflowers, Lyme Regis. I liked the contrast of delicate flowers and rustic wall.

A friend’s 50th party allowed me a few attempts at portraits – both posed and snatched! Something I need to work on as I am not comfortable with getting in people’s faces. Maybe I just need a telephoto…

Contrasting roses: I was drawn by the insane light on the fresh ones and the effect of decay on – and the mirror reflection of – the pink ones.


A RAW shot of a raw fed dog. Not perfect, by a long shot, but I only had a split-second to grab this as Lola decided to ignore my “leave it” command. I don’t know where her manners went, but I think she figured that as I was lying down by her food I was probably going to eat it.

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