What I did on me ‘olidays…

Embarrassingly, I hardly used my camera over the summer, although I took a fair few shots on my iPhone. The photos I did take were in Calgary, Canada (where I hiked up a mountain with my tripod, only to realise I’d left one of its locking keys in my camera bag… back at the hotel. So, no, I didn’t get all the shots I was after but I did learn a valuable lesson about checking my kit before setting off). I was a weeny bit miffed, though, that my brother-in-law – armed only with an iPhone 7S – managed to fire off reams of fantastic shots without barely stopping for breath. Meanwhile, I was a sitting target for Albertan mosquitoes the size of horses, as I faffed about with light readings, ND filter and wonky, verging on useless, tripod.


I passed this barn about a dozen times during my trip. By my last day, the rapeseed field was such a bright yellow that the colour contrast was just insane, so I made my sister pull over so I could take some pictures.


My sister’s “lovely horse” with his fetlocks blowing in the wind.

I also visited Skopelos – or Skopewasp as it will forever be known in the Flanagan household. The little buggers were everywhere on this otherwise insanely beautiful island but at least I didn’t get stung this time.  If you are allergic to wasp-stings, never, ever go there… but if it’s sunrises and sunsets you’re after, it’s pretty hard to beat.




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