Week 7: Long Exposures Gallery

Week 7: Long Exposures Gallery

I have been battling some horrible bug, so only got the one chance – last night – to grab some photos for this week’s brief to experiment with long exposures. So here’s what I snatched as night fell. It’s a start – nothing more – but it was interesting to see just how much information I could capture on what was, to my eyes, a dark night. It was also fun to play around in the road (thank God for traffic islands)… and then see how post-production could alter images quite dramatically.


I took some shots of the back roads, just to see how much light there really was to play around with. Hardly fine art, but proof of just how much ambient light there is in London. Walking home at night by myself, these roads have previously seemed really poorly lit…


IMG_4052Back in my own road, I got a teeny bit creative, thanks to self-timer mode and my iPhone torch.

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home… Again

Finally, as if being the mum of a teenager wasn’t tough enough, I managed to end up with two ghost teenagers. Who both eat cereal at bedtime.


Terrible Twins – Mirror Image


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