Life Through a Lens

Snap Chat: Annotated Journeys With a Camera

Never underestimate a Woman with a Canon


After a lifetime of just pointing and shooting, I started studying photography at Richmond Adult Community College in Spring 2017.

My original aim was to finally get my head around the holy trinity that is:
ISO; Aperture and Shutter Speed
and learn what
 all the ******* buttons on my camera actually did. 

Now, 6-months down the road, I’ve got myself an ‘ology (well, a bit of paper that says it’s an NCFE Level 1 Certificate) and I’m enrolled on Level 2.



The course runs until July 2018 and, as before with Level 1, this blog will continue to be an account of my work, throughout.

With luck, there’ll be another certificate with my name on at the end of it all.
But more important is that my photography improves along the way.

Things can only get better.

(You’d think, but, given Trump & Brexit, I wouldn’t put money on it.)

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