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So, a friend and I went to the members’ launch of Shape of Light at Tate Modern. We were running late and arrived just before last entry, so I figured it would be packed… but we had the entire show to ourselves. The. Entire. Show. For. An. Hour. And, yes, we did feel like royalty, thanks for asking.

Despite the rather scathing reviews from The Guardian and The Times – and possibly helped by the fact that we are both suckers for B&W photography and had total control, so could talk without being shushed – Shape of Light blew our tiny minds.  Well, it blew mine. My friend could have just been being polite. But I don’t think so.

And it made me think about what constitutes a fitting subject for a photograph?  And how light and shade are everything. (I am running so late for class, so I will add some more ramblings later.) And what it made me want to do was take photos of concrete and lines and stuff that it never occurs to me to focus my lens on. To look at shape and patterns and just “go play” and not worry about whether the image was a true representation at all. In fact, that’s exactly what this exhibition made both my friend and I want to do: Go Play.

So I did. Pure experimentation. No time for explanation.

Here are some of those Go Play pics.






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